Monochrome Tote in Ivory by Maria Victoria


Maria Victoria's handwoven totes are made from upcycled plastic.  They are waterproof and extremely durable.  Handmade in Mexico.


Measurements: Length x Depth x Height with Handle Length*:

Mini (MI): 8x4x4 inches with 5.5 inch handles ($45)

Extra Small (TS): 10x5x9 inches with 8 inch handles ($55)

Small (MO) 13.5x7x11 inches with 8 inch handles ($65)

Medium (TT): 13.5 X 7x13 inches with 10.5 inch handles ($75)

Large (OR): 15.5x7.5x15 with 8 inch handles ($85)

Extra Large (OT): 17.5 x 8 x 18.5 inches with 8 inch handles ($105)

*As each Tote is handwoven, sizes may vary slightly.

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