The "I Love You" Hand Sign Sculpture in Brass



Let someone know that they are appreciated and loved with our "I Love You" Hand Sign Sculpture in Brass.  

The ILY hand sign is a sign from American Sign Language which has moved into the mainstream.

In American Sign Language, the sign for “I Love You” is a combination of the letters I, L, and Y.  The little finger forms the letter I, while the thumb and index finger together form the letter L, and the thumb and little finger express the letter Y.  This hand sign combines all three letter shapes to form I, L, and Y for “I Love You”.

This hand sign is often used in everyday conversations to express love, affection, and friendship.

Notably, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has adopted this hand sign as their own as it also forms the letters "U" and "L".

PRIZE Sculptures are created in brass using the ancient method of lost wax casting and are polished by hand to achieve a high gloss finish.  Due to the handmade nature of the sculptures, each piece varies slightly, and no two pieces are exactly alike..

The unlacquered brass, also called unfinished, living, or raw brass, will age and darken or patina over time.  Some think that this living finish improves with age.  However, if you prefer to return the brass to its original shiny state, a polishing kit with our recommended polishing materials is included.

The bottom of each sculpture is felted to protect any surface.

A meaning card is included.

Dimensions:  Approx. 7.25" H X 6" L X 2" W 
Weight:  Approx. 2 lbs.
Material:  Brass


For an elevated, gallery-like display, add a Clear Lucite Gallery Block.  We recommend the Extra Small Clear Lucite Gallery Block for this item.

Is this a gift?  Request free gift wrap at checkout. 

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