Hope for Diversity Scented Candle


Brand Agonist
Agonist Parfum's exclusive collaboration with the Swedish fashion brand HOPE. The scented candles have been inspired by the world of Hope. Material, feel, inspiration, style and the values of the brand come to life in its essences.

A woody scent with a touch of leather combined with vetiver and cistus flower in the top. With inspiration from the world of Hope with woods, leather and fabrics combined with spices and flowers.

Hope For Diversity uplifts and inspire you and your creative mind. The scent will keep you calm and strong in all situations and let you put your heart into everything you do.

Top notes: Juniper, Cistus, Incense
Body notes: Amber, Guaiac Wood, Vetyver
Base notes: Leather Accord, Cedarwood, Patchouly, Musk

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